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A Note From Sarah:

You are probably considering therapy for yourself or someone you know and love and are looking the best psychologist or therapist for your needs. My hope is that the information provided in these pages will help you to get to know me a little and to assist in taking the next step and calling me and/or other therapists.

I encourage you to feel free to call me and ask me any questions you have about how therapy would be if we chose to work together. After this phone contact, I would most likely recommend that we meet in person in my Menlo Park office so I can hear more details about your goals and develop together a strategy for addressing your psychological needs.

To learn more about my particular specialities and interests, please read about the areas of practice listed below. As always, call if you have questions!

Areas of Practice

There is hope!
Support through these years
Benefit from Guidance

Therapy is an intimate journey that has the most power when engaged honestly and fully.

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